Short Bio

My name is Guillermo Fidalgo, I am a student pursuing a Master's in Physics from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez (UPRM) under the mentorship of professor Sudir Malik. I have been on a Research Semester at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland from which I learned about the basics of Machine Learning and how to apply Machine Learning to monitor data for a The HCAL sub-detector of the CMS Experiment. Currently I am working with a group of researchers from Fermilab that focus on improving the Data Quality Monitoring process for offline DQM shifters by applying ML to the Inner Tracker.

Research Acomplishments

Research Semester abroad at CERN Spring 2018

Undergrad thesis under UPRM COOP program titled “Using Machine Learning Techniques for Data Quality Monitoring at CMS Experiment”. I had spent Spring 2018 semester at CERN under "University of Michigan-CERN Research Semester Program". Worked on applying Machine Learning in HCAL DQM (Hadron Calorimeter Data Quality Monitoring) [report]

March 15 2018 [Agenda] [PDF]

April 12 2018 Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks [Agenda] [Video] [PDF]

May 14 2018 [Agenda] [Video] [PDF]

Presentations (includes National and International Conferences)


PRIMS/JTM Conference

Postponed Oral presentation on “Machine Learning for CMS Tracker Data Quality Monitoring” at Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico [website]


PRIMS/JTM Conference

Oral presentation on “Machine Learning in DQM at CMS Experiment” at the PRISM/JTM Conference in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico [agenda]

Machine Learning Hackathon

24-26 April Participated in ML Hackathon lead by Sergei Glyzer at University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez (UPRM)[Agenda]

Physcon 2019 "Making Waves and Breaking Boundaries"

13-17 Nov 2019 Poster session at the cuatrenial Physics Congress “Machine Learning in DQM at CMS Experiment” at Rhode Island (United States)

University of Puerto Rico Physics symposium

24 May 2019 “Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks at CMS Experiment” at the Department of Physics, UPRM, Puerto Rico [website]


UPR Mayagüez Talks

24 May Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks at CMS Experiment at CERN [Flyer]

New Perspectives Meeting Fermilab 2018

20-21 Jun 2018 “Machine Learning in DQM at CMS Experiment” at FNAL 51st Annual Users Meeting and New Perspectives Meeting, Fermilab, Batavia, IL (United States) [Video]

Major Contributions at UPRM

  1. Scientific Software Club (SSC)

    Formed the Scientific Software Club at UPRM to bring together students interests in software related research projects

    Have given around 5 workshops including topics : Bash, Git and Python

    Currently have over 100 members and growing.

  2. 2019 STEM Teachers Workshop

    3-4 June Workshop dedicated to enabling highschool STEM teachers with coding. [Agenda]

  3. 2020 Introduction to python programming for Undergrads at UPRM Workshop

    22 February Workshop intended to teach local Physics students with python coding language with HEP applications. [Agenda]

  4. 2020 STEM Teachers (Virtual) Workshop

    15-16 July Workshop dedicated to enabling K-12 teachers with python coding language. [Agenda]

  5. 2021 Complementing Astronomy Course for CROEM highschool students

    Jan - May I help complement the programming side of an introductory course of Physics and Astronomy with Python programming and excersises for local highschool students.